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Camella Homes offer a packed list of facilities and amenities that the residents of Camella Laoag can enjoy. The house and lot community features an elegant Spanish heritage theme. Therefore, the developers made sure that there would be adequate amount of recreational facilities to make the most of this community. These amenities are open for the residents only so you can enjoy that exclusive feel. In addition, it will enable you to relax and unwind without going to a resort or traveling elsewhere.

The first amenity that is available in Camella Laoag is also a staple in any Camella Homes development: the clubhouse. This clubhouse also features a Spanish-inspired theme. Hence, there is a consistency in terms of the overall theme. This clubhouse is available for use during special occasions such as birthdays, gatherings, and other events. The space is large enough to accommodate a large group. The clubhouse is also surrounded by beautifully landscaped parks and gardens. Hence, the green landscape can provide a beautiful complement to the beautifully designed clubhouse.

A playground facility is also provided for the little children at Camella Laoag. This play area is located in an outdoor setting and is also surrounded by landscaped areas. It is made up of swings, seesaw rides, and monkey bars, among other things. It is a great spot to bring your kids to if you want to encourage them to engage in physical activity. It is also a great opportunity for them to mingle and socialize with other kids. It is also a designated space in the amenity area; therefore, you can guarantee that your kids will be safe when they play at the park. There is also a full-sized basketball court available in Camella Laoag. This is the ideal spot to go to for those who want to play basketball and other types of sport activities. 

 There are plenty of other facilities throughout this house and lot development that would aid to the convenience of the residents. For example, there is a guard house with security personnel available on a 24/7 basis. This will help ensure the privacy and security of the residents living here. No unauthorized personnel will be given access to the house and lot community without proper permit. This is an important feature that will help homeowners enjoy peace of mind knowing that their safety and welfare are a priority.

The entire subdivision has been developed with an underground drainage system. This will give homeowners assurance that there will be no flooding in this community regardless of the amount of rain. The roads are also built wide to make navigating the streets easy and convenient. Meanwhile, all of the homes are integrated with water and electrical lines by the time you move in. 

In addition, Camella Laoag features plenty of wide and open spaces. It is ideal for those seeking to enjoy life outside of the big city. You will be able to enjoy fresh air when you wake up. It is not as crowded as the city so you can truly enjoy your personal space. In fact, you can live life at your own pace!

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